Robotics AR01: Microprocessor – Arduino® Basic Starter Course

Robotics AR01: Microprocessor – Arduino® Basic Starter Course

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About the Course

Interested in Robotics and the Internet-of-Things?

Are you innovative and interested in the Internet-of-Things that lead the 4th Industrial Revolution? Learn the basics of physical programming using the popular Arduino microprocessor.  Be it making hobbies more fun or creating new inventions making life simpler, microprocessors will open up your world of infinite possibilities.

What can be done with this knowledge? Basically anything, whether your interests are building a robot car, controlling garden irrigation, doing home automation, etc. or starting a new business.

Robotix Lab educates by doing, thereby merging innovative thinking with technology, allowing for creative tinkering to produce projects that link to the Internet-of-Things. Connect sensors and actuators in real-time and program these to build fun projects. Join the Instructor-led courses using real kit (Arduino, breadboard, electronic components).

 Who is the target audience? Anyone who is interested in learning about microprocessors. The course does not require any prior knowledge about the Arduino. However basic computer skills are necessary with an interest in technology.  High school, post-school, hobbyists, career-changing, professionals, senior citizens, etc. are all welcome! 

Course presenter: Bernhard Heyer (MSc-BIS (Amsterdam); NHDip-ElecEng; Dip-Datametric; Cisco-CCAI(Birmingham)) has a passion for education and has many years of experience lecturing in electrical engineering and ICT courses and has worked in large automation industries. He also lectured in the Netherlands and Germany.

Course Information

Gain a basic understanding of microprocessors and the terminology used.

  • Unpack the kit, install the software and perform hardware connections.
  • Create structured and efficient Arduino programs.
  • Learn about electronics and use a multi-meter
  • Become familiar with sensors and actuators.
  • Learn to code in the ‘C’ programming language using
  • the Arduino Integrated Development Environment
  • Build basic Arduino circuits using a breadboard.

The exercises help to build up a basic knowledge of microprocessors and dealing with lights (LED’s), tones an tunes, colour and external power control.

When: – on application to

Time:  – 9h30 – 15h30

Where:  – Please email for details.

Kit:  – The complete Kit and Software is included in the course fee.
The kit is yours to take home and use.


Assessment: – two weeks after course completion (100 questions) (optional).

Certificates: – issued after assessment.

Fee:  – R 1,995.00 – payable 1 week before course commencement

Bank Details:  – First National Bank, Account No. 62013435939, Branch 200610


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 Next course:

The AR02: Microprocessor – Arduino Intermediate course follows from this course and allows for a deeper understanding of microprocessors.

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